Martinsville, VA 1965 - 1967


Creators '66: Barry Harris - Bass, Gary Davis - Lead Guitar, Ronnie Barrett - Singing

Creators Basement Creators Band Instruments

Creators Tom Drums

"These are pictures of The Creators  band 1965-1967. We played places like the old tobacco warehouse on Brookdale Street, Martins Stables in the loft room with stage, played with the Generals band at the Chevrolet dealership, and many other small affairs. We travelled to Danville, VA and made a tape to be made into a record but we were 14-16 years old and could not come up with the $500.00 to cut the record. We were: David Pratt - Keyboard,  Barry  Harris - Bass, Gary Davis -Guitar, and me, Tom Owens on Drums. Gary Davis has since passed away due to cancer, but I talked to David Pratt last month, first time in about 40 years. He is in Houston,Texas and is still into music and an Elvis Impersonator!, Barry Harris joined the Navy, and I joined the Marine Corps as the band broke up . We had a lot of good times and played a lot more places than I can remember. We played Rock And Soul like our business cards said. WISH I COULD GO BACK TO THOSE DAYS." - Tom Owens

I'm with you on going back to those days, Tom! I think we can all agree that pretty much all of us garage band guys and gals had a great time then. It was a heady, exciting time with all kinds of new things coming along, and since music is such an important part of almost everyone's life it made life better for all involved - musicians, listeners, dancers and fans alike. Thanks for being a part of SouthernGarageBands!

Sincerely - David Strickland

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