This picture shows from left to right: Ken Webb on a Farfisa Compact Duo organ; Hal Shaw on Precision Bass; Al Duckworth on Jazzmaster Guitar; James Williams on Jaguar Guitar. All white Fenders and all Showman Amps - impressive! On Ludwig "Holiday" Drum set in grey oyster pearl is Don Richards. Great photograph! is proud to present the following fantastic documentation of the history of The Teddy Bears, complete with photographs! Click on the following links to get the whole story.

The Teddy Bears - Part One

The Teddy Bears - Part Two

The Teddy Bears - Part Three

The Teddy Bears - Part Four

Sound Clips you can hear:

Baby You Go Round

Blue Surf

Miss To Mrs.

Sole Summer


This is a large image but it is displayed that way so you can read it easily. If you will check the WAPE "Tuff Thirty" at number 12 is: The Teddy Bears with "Miss to Mrs."

Promotional Poster for a dance at the Jesup, GA., National Guard Armory, featuring the Teddy Bears.


Picture, WAPE Listing, Poster and band member information courtesy of Don Richards, 2005.

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