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The band was preceded by a much more popular band from Marianna, Florida named the Dynamics. [note - Yes, the same name as the band on your list that hailed from Oakland Park, Florida. At the time, there were several other bands named the Dynamics.] The members of the Dynamics who went on to play under the band name the "Bangs" were Terry Sirmans (drummer), Jim Irwin (bass player), Carey Strickland (lead guitar), and George Boyer (sax and guitar).  The Dynamics had been a very popular band when they had lost their lead vocalist, Al Taylor. Al had been the talent and the big draw for the Dynamics; and once he left, the band's popularity diminished to a point where the band was not able to keep the Dynamic's usual bookings. Club managers and promoters soon discovered the crowds would not show up, or leave as soon as they realized Al was no longer performing with the band. 

As a last ditch effort to move on, the band members chose to rename the band The Bangs, and to record the record shown on your site at their own expense. Neither the name change, nor the record made any significant difference; and, the Bangs came to the realization that they would not be able to regain their past popularity as the Dynamics and eventually disbanded.

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Updated info on the Bangs:

Terry Sirmans I was the drummer from the beginning, before we even had a name. Al Taylor, Bobby Goldsboro's cousin, was lead guitar and Frank Kozel was rhythm and bass. This was in 1960. Jim Irwin and Carey Strickland joined us about 1962. Al was removed from the band in about 1963.
At the time they played 50's rock and roll and blues. In 1962 they heard the Beatles and began playing their stuff because the group had good harmony. When they graduated from Chipola Jr College they went to FSU. After playing at several frat parties the band added Lee Lobban as keyboard player. They were one of the first bands to play British rock and even ordered records from England so they could learn song. The band learned a couple of the Who's songs before they were released in the States. The band played for frat parties and dances all over the south and in the Summer and at Christmas break played at the Par-Tee lounge in Miami(Perrine). They became the most popular band in Miami. 

The Bangs played on shows in Dothan with Roy Orbison and the Candymen, Ray Stevens and others. Buddy Buie, Roy's manager signed the group to a contract** in 1965 but before they could start a tour, Carey and Terry got drafted and sent of to Viet Nam. The Bangs broke up after a farewell bash at the National Guard Armory in Marianna. Lee went on to play with some great Miami bands and George went with the Swinging Medallions and played sax on the recording "Double Shot of my Baby's Love"***. They recorded the record at a studio in Panama City just before they broke up. "Tab Top" was the group's theme song and our adaptation of The Rolling Stone' "2120 South Michigan Avenue".
Al Taylor's leaving the band was the best thing that could have happened for us.
Special thanks to terry Sirmans for providing this updated information on the Bangs.

**The existence of this contract has not been verified**

***George playing sax on this recording has not been verified***

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