E. Hall and the Hosemen are: Ed Hall, Riley Rutland, Ricky Keller, Sam Greniker, Steve DeGange, Danny Spicer and the "Hose-ettes" dancing girls (Carole Stembridge, Candy Beck and Sharon Griffin Gandy). This trend setting band from Valdosta, Ga were one of the first bands (and only local band) to have "go-go" dancers who were band members.

Here are Ed Hall and the Hosemen performing for a dance at Valdosta State College, Valdosta, GA. I believe this is the Freshman Dance held at the beginning of the year, Fall Quarter.

On the dance floor are: Lou White, Valerie Chapman and (? - will have to get the name from the VSC Yearbook)

Appears to be a dance at Valdosta City Auditorium, late 60s

Ed Hall sings the blues

Band members L-R: Danny Spicer, Hall, Sam Greneker, Ricky Keller, Riley Rutland

E. Hall and the Hosemen had a strong brass section

Members are, L-R: Ed Hall, Riley Rutland, Sam Greneker, Mike Beck, Danny Spicer

Neeling: Ricky dKeller, Steve Degange

Top-notch Go-Go Dancers

Cindy Griffin, Billy Keller, Rick-y dKeller, Sam Greneker, Cindy Beck

Valdosta State College homecoming dance at the city auditorium. Homecoming theme was "Under the Sea".

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