Lantana, Florida


 The Band was formed by Dave Palumbo & Monty Sprague. It was the 3rd band which evolved for Dave & Monty initial band experience, a threesome called the Cascades (mostly a private party band playing in the Lantana, Lake Worth, and Boynton Beach areas. Dave & Monty progressed from the Cascades ( a threesome) to the Crowded Ways (a foursome) to the Eleventh Hour (6 members).

Dave Palumbo - Lead Guitar
Monty Sprague - Rhythmn & Vocals
Fred Findling - Keyboards
Dusty Milling - Drums and Vocals
Marty Zobel - Bass
Larry Pittman - Lead Vocals
Ronnie Arbour - Drums

Beatles, Bee Gees, Rolling Stones, Birdwatchers, Neil Diamond, Turtles

Setlist Sample:
To Love Somebody, Gotta Get a Message to You, You're Gonna Miss Me, You Keep Me Hanging On, Come On Up, Mustang Sally, Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon, Last Time, Time Won't Let Me, Summer Rain, Eve of Destruction, Little Bit of Soul.

Gibson guitar, Fender Super Reverb, red Gibson SG Standard, white Gibson, Gold Top Les Paul Gibson, Fender Bandmaster Amp, Vox Organ, Hagstrom Bass, Fender Bassman.

Rehearsal Space:
Patio & Living Rooms

Band Vehicles:
White Dodge Stationwagon with pushbutton transmission. '56 Chevy.

Best Gig:
Boynton Beach Civic Center : We were the House Band and had a great run of it.




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