Florida Band

Three brothers got together to discuss getting together a band shortly after the Beatles and other British bands made their scene in the U.S. They all had jobs but couldn't afford the best equipment so they settled for whatever they could get that sounded good. They practiced at their homes or the homes of friends in the garages or sometimes inside depending on the parents whereabouts and acceptance. As they graduated high school one by one they went into the service and then went on thier own ways.

Jerry Stahl - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Phil Stahl. - Bass Guitar
John Stahl - Drums

Beatles, Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Kinks

Setlist Sample:
Satisfaction, Help, For Your Love, You Really Got Me

Ludwig drums, Kent guitar, Gibson amp, Gibson bass

Rehearsal Space:
Friends garage and house

Band Vehicles:
Friends 1957 Chevy wagon

Best Gig:
Cloverleaf lanes, more people noticed, better money

Gig from Hell!:
Birthday party, given a hard time by the adults

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