Hueytown, Alabama

The band was based in Hueytown, Alabama in the mid to late 1960s.  They covered Beatles, Rolling Stones, and bands of the British Invasion.  The band began when Steve met Rick in 10th grade in the fall of 1964.

Another friend, Bob, joined as a singer but they needed a lead guitar player.  Steve knew Ron from an earlier gig at Steve's Junior High School.  Steve taught Ron how to play orchestra chords and the band was off.

Their first gig was at Rick's old Junior High School.  The band first called themselves "The Strangers" until they realized another band had already chosen that name.

Left to Right: Rick's brother, Mike, Bob, Rick, friend Phillip, Ron, and Steve

Promo pic 1965

Rick, Ron, Don, Bob, Mick

In this photo Rick is playing a Burns guitar. Not many of those around these days.

Ron's grandson, Joe, playing Rick's Burns guitar.

1965: Don, Rick, Bob, Ron

1966: Don and Ron

1967: Rick, Bob, Steve, Mick

1985: Rick, Ron, Mick, Bob and Don

The war in Vietnam played it's roll in the breakup of the band like it did with many other garage bands of this era.  The band soon broke up and didn't get together again until 1985.  Steve had taken a career in the Coast Guard.  They never saw him again.


1989: Ron, John and Rick

1998: Ron, Rick, Don, Bob, Mick

2003: Rick, John, Ron

2004: last performance

The band booked over the years as The Strangers, Huns, and Bluerock Band. They did mostly rock and blues but added some country music as well. With help from other band members, Ron wrote songs that the band recorded. Rick financed all of the recordings and most of the equipment for the public engagements.

(pics and info courtesy Ron Vincent)

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