featuring MEL GAINES

Portsmouth, VA

The Regents from left: Sumner Bell, Bobby Hill, Jeff Paul, Robbie Pond, Jimmy Finnegan, Richard Phelps, Lou Flowers and Johnny Johnston.
Not pictured: lead vocalist Mel Gaines

Mel Gaines - lead vocals
Jimmy Finnegan - lead guitar
Jeff Paul - bass guitar
Sumner Bell - organ
Robbie Pond - trumpet
Richard Phelps - trumpet
Bobby Hill - saxophone/lead
Lou Flowers - saxophone
Ken Lewis - drums
Johnny Johnston - drums

Announcement of Disc-O-Ten show, May 11, 1968, from left: Bob Hill, Robbie Pond, Jeff Paul, Johnny Johnston (with drumsticks), Sumner Bell (at the organ), Jimmy Finnegan, Richard Phelps and Lou Flowers.


(courtesy garagehangover)

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