Columbia, SC

Situation was a band from the 1966-67 era that was very popular. They often opened the show for Bobby Moore and the Rhythm Aces as well as numerous other bands that played the Columbia area during those years. The band produced a big sound with their horns. Most of the members of the band were drafted and served in Vietnam and fortunately all of them returned home with no more than minor injuries. Several members of the band later went on to play with better known groups after the band broke up. One member, Mike Glenn, was also a member of The Londons and Woody with the Goodies Band in Columbia. Mike played keyboard and had a Vox organ, a rarity at the time. Other members included Lonnie Gross bass; Kenny Joye sax and vocals; Randy Joye sax and vocals; Gary Joye lead vocals; Greg Boykin drums; Steve Jarrett lead guitar (later joined the Columbians); and Marty Johnson trumpet. The band played a lot of beach music and current top 40 hit songs.

(info courtesy Mike Glenn)

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